What we do at Tecmarin

Oy Tecmarin Ship Supply Ab is a technical supplier within the international shipping industry. The company was founded in 1986 and is located in Helsinki.

What do we do?

Tecmarin delivers both everyday consumables and more advanced technical ship spares and equipment to the shipping industry.

All technical ship supplies according to the customer´s needs

Our product range is not limited. We use our broad national and international supplier network to find exactly the product our customer is searching for at a competitive price level.

We also keep in stock most common consumables (chemicals, filters, workwear and safety equipment).

FinnlinesMariellaContainershipsNorwegian BreakawayKontioLotus

Tecmarin is a supplier for all types of ships, e.g. ro-pax vessels, car ferries, cargo vessels, cruise ships, icebreakers and tankers.


We keep in stock and represent, Marisol products in Finland. Marisol develops and provides over 40 different products, all to serve the marine industry. The product line includes e.g. alkaline/acid cleaning- and maintenance products as well as water and oil treatment products.

Examples of our other official business partners are Luna and Danfoss. More examples and catalogues can be found at Our Business Partners.

Deliveries in Helsinki region are freight free. Special or urgent deliveries will be charged case by case.

What motivates us?

Our genuine interest in shipping and our customers motivate us daily to achieve our goal, which is:

"To serve our customers in a flexible and diverse way."

Each customer is equally important for us.

"We want to build long lasting customer relationships. The goal is a pleased customer who saves both time and money when using our services for buying or bidding various ship spares."

Examples of product groups available from us

Protective wear and equipment (e.g. word overalls, gloves, helmets) ⚙ Examples of products: Ki-elements, Skydda



Miscellaneous electrical equipment

Flashlights ⚙ Examples of products: Ledlenser

Lamps ⚙ Examples of products: Osram, Ledvance

Fastening products (e.g. screws, bolts, hooks)


Steel products (e.g. angle bar, flat bar, steel plates in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum)

Miscellaneous chemicals ⚙ Examples of products: Algol, CRC, Grotamar, Marisol, Molykote

Ball bearings ⚙ Examples of products: SKF, NSK, Timken

Transmission components (e.g. V-belts, electric engines)

Painting and painting equipments

Ropes (smaller ropes from stock, bigger ropes e.g. winch line / atlas are made to order)

Pipes and pipe fittings ⚙ Examples of products: Straub

Hoses and hose couplings

Grinding products (e.g. grinding- and cutting wheels)

Welding products (e.g. welding helmets, -gloves, -electrodes)

Shaft- and hydraulic sealings



Filter rolls


Miscellaneous tools and small equipment ⚙ Examples of products: Bosch, Enerpac, Luna, Makita, Tengtools, TrelawnyOil gauging tape, Needles for jet scaler

Cleaning products ⚙ Examples of products: Finnsonic

Office equipment

Outlet Orion 24 liters waste oil container with ejectorTeng Tools products